SKINT Theatre is a bold and brash new performance and night-life model aiming to bring Affordable, Social, Astonishing theatre to the heart of Bristol.


Our unique event model showcases short, sharp performances from break-out local artists for just £4 per show performing cyclically throughout the night.


The long term aim for SKINT Theatre is to find a venue to house this style of performance. Until then we're busy producing the SKINT Theatre Festival to show how great this low cost, low time-commitment, inclusive art form is.



 ‘Micro-Theatre’ is a performance and nightlife event that continues to take Europe by storm.


Originating in Madrid as a direct reaction to aggressive funding cuts the artist collective ‘Micro-Teatro’ built a functioning venue within a disused brothel. Mounting short, sharp, affordable performances in the intimate rooms for just €4/show.


The platform has become a lifeline for artists as well as an exciting and accessible nightlife event for an increasingly diverse audience.


SKINT Theatre Festival is the UK’s first ‘Micro-Theatre’ event – striving to bring the supportive, social and exciting nature of the event to the UK theatre scene in Bristol.

SKINT Theatre History


SKINT Theatre was created by Alex Murphy and Liam Harrison in early 2016. Having seen how successful the Micro Theatre model was in Spain they decided that it should be brought to the UK.


In July 2016 we showcased our first festival with artists Peter Baker, Doug Francisco, Ben Crowden, Propolis Theatre, Kieran Carroll and FellSwoop. 100s of people came down to enjoy the shows alongside local beers, tapas food from Duende and live music from.


In 2017 we're doing all over again, bigger and better.





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